UI UX for Travel






Information Architecture, User Journey, User Experience, UX Design.


A venture founded to simplify bookings and waiting time for events and visits to monuments, temples, and other edifices. We worked alongside the founding team at Lanexpress to get an insight into their thought processes, needs, and goals for their UI UX needs.

The Action


we designed the UX and UI for the entire platform using their target audience and their brand aesthetics as our points of reference. This collaborative journey started with the information architecture, where we presented comprehensive and immersive user journeys, followed by a high fidelity wireframe and design that resonates with the aforementioned points of reference.

Visual Approach & Style Guide

The Result

There’s never a dull moment working with a flamboyant, enthusiastic, and innovative start-up. Understanding their business, vision, mission and passion and creating something to match them, is an understated accomplishment in itself.


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