Tiez Wordpress /
Woocommerce factory

Tiez Wordpress / Woocommerce factory

Tiez’s core activity is business digital platform development, the related consultancy and (mobile / web) development services. Regularly however we need to build a supplemental or supporting site for a project or business process. Smaller e-commerce or presentation sites can be produced wholly in a Wordpress/Woocommerce technology stack.

Our platform of choice for sites is Wordpress, when needed supplemented with Woocommerce and its plugins. Because of the production frequency (over a dozen a year) we call this department within Tiez our Wordpress factory. Its focused on swift deployment of sites where Wordpress / Woocommerce is required.

We do theme and plugin development as well, based on our long experience with the platform.

What about the alleged security issues with Wordpress? This boils down to improper implementations and can be mitigated by hardening and automatically updating your wordpress. We make sure your Wordpress, themes and plugins can be updated to include the latest patches all the time.